Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For Those New to F.A.N.S.

Welcome to the revolution!

You can get more information on what we're all about by checking out the Mission Statement page.  You can also get information on our colorful t-shirts via the links on this page--the prior version of the shirt is on sale now for $6.14!

And, make sure to look for our volunteers after the game to sign the petition to demand the termination of Mike Priest and Scott Howson from their respective roles with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Make sure to join us at future games including our big event this Sunday starting at 4 p.m.--Sign Sunday featuring a sign contest and t-shirt giveaways!

Also, feel free to send us any pictures you have taken of yourself wearing the shirts at the game. The more, the merrier! Check the CONTACT page for email.