Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interesting Comments

Here is an interesting comment from a poster named "Randall Scott" from Puck-rakers post the latest loss to the Blackhawks:

"Agents are evil incarnate. Whoever ends up being your top pick in the draft this year will be represented by Satan, himself. If you were the Devil, would you let your top client sign with this team? No way. There isn't a more damning indictment of an organization, or it's top people, when a first rounder says, "No thanks." It isn't hard to imagine, an agent forbidding his client to accompany your GM on stage, refusing to adorn the Blue Jacket jersey (yeah, I said jersey, sweaters are for Canadians) and cap, right there on national television. How humiliating. Of course, if you're blissfully unaware, what you don't know won't hurt you. Are you paying attention, McConnell? If you aren't, you better believe you're going to suffer some public humiliation, like you haven't before. Imagine your first round pick and his agent reading a public statement that indicates they will do anything, anything rather than sign with the Blue Jackets. Believe it. Then ask yourself this, "If Scott Howson and Mike Priest weren't the President and GM for the Blue Jackets, would they likely be filling those positions in other organizations?" No one wants your top two employees. Isn't that a good indicator that you have the wrong people at the top? Don't you think that's common knowledge? Don't you think that is hurting, and will continue to hurt this organization? There are more Jeff Carter's in this league, than Jack Johnson's. Considering the Blue Jackets rapidly approaching future, (draft picks, trades and free agents) and your administration's ability to deal with it, don't you think it's time to restore some respectability to the front office?"

Here is another one from "Inmy Dreams":

"Souring future generations: We sat behind a family of four at the Hawks game. The youngest was about four years old. After the first Hawks goal, she told her Mom and Dad that she wanted to go home because the Jasckets were going to lose. Out of the mouths of babes....."

And another from "Cbj_Nut":

"Well, that's one way to pacify the Blackhawk fans in Nationwide (and there were plenty of them). Just bore them to sleep. Fairly passive bunch even though they got to cheer five goals. I, on the otherhand, was bored to tears. I chatted with a few 'hawks fans and the reactions I tended to get was one of sympathy. They couldn't believe how pathetic the Jackets were and that we "put up with this". Great way to pump up the PSL/STHers to run to their rep to renew for next year, eh? "

It's up to you McConnell.