Mission Statement

We are fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Our mission is to restore and maintain the franchise's honor. To do so, we demand:

1. Accountability from ownership, management, players, and all other parties associated with the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey franchise.

2. Excellence in all levels of the team's operations, on-ice and off, as sports fans and citizens of Central Ohio accept nothing less.

3. A commitment to honor the community and fans of Central Ohio from all of those involved in the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey franchise.

We are not a fan club, a booster group, or a supporter's club.  There are fine organizations already established for that purpose for Blue Jackets fans.  Rather, we are a fan advocacy group.  Owners are represented by a commissioner.  Players are represented by the NHLPA. Until now, there have been a decided lack of organizations whose focus is on representing the interests of the fans.

Our mission is on-going.  It will not end simply with the removal of Mike Priest and Scott Howson. Firing failed leadership does not, in and of itself, cure the problem unless the management chosen to replace it is not substantially better.  

If the goal of the franchise is to win the Stanley Cup on an annual basis, it is our purpose to make sure that those in the places of power stay fully focused on that goal. In addition, that they do so in a way which is befitting of the community and fans of Central Ohio, with honor and integrity.