Tuesday, March 27, 2012

13 Point Challenge

Below is an email sent to the Jackets from season ticket holder Roger A. Schaefer of which he gave us permission to share here:

"I have put a significant amount of thought into the renewal of my season tickets, but wanted to provide some feedback from a die hard CBJ fans perspective:

First and foremost, the sincere lack of effort to retain season ticket holders is incredible to me.  To continue to reintroduce the same "benefits" to the season ticket holders, without as much as a telephone call is indicative of the lack of loyalty to those of us who have spent a significant amount of our hard earned money, for a far less than stellar product.

Free food nights, where many of us do not glutinously indulge, preseason parties with the team would be great if the product was worthwhile, and the players had a tendency to last more than a few months until the annual rebuild, and even more spectacular, selling tickets to the games with hats, drinks, mugs, and food for $35, makes those of us who paid full price feel a little short changed.  In addition, the PSL lacks any credibility.  Not only do we not get the opportunity to sit in the prime seats that we paid for (NCAA basketball etc.), there is risk that we may be moved outside of the lower bowl for the NHL All Star game.  I realize that the NHL drives this, but what good is the PSL?

Further, from my personal perspective, chasing a long time season ticket holder from the arena with a security detail and a Columbus Police Officer, for an approved sign because "management doesn't like it", then not so much as a follow up, an apology, or even recognition that your security detail completely disregarded my first amendment rights, is shameful.  As a veteran who served to protect those very rights, I am appalled, and ashamed that the organization gives such low regard to our constitution.  You, and your organization are a failure in this regard, and each of you should feel embarrassed.  It was nice to see though, that the recognition in the Dispatch, as well as ESPN, showed the fans disgust with the continued failures and lack of direction.

With this in mind, I find it distressing that the leadership of this team, after evaluating their performance, can comfortably continue to draw salaries from the organization.  I am certain that an employee of mine, or me for that matter would not retain a job if performance were as substandard as that of the leadership of this organization.  With that in mind, I would like to issue the 13 point challenge to the leadership and athletes on the team.  This challenge is indicative of the fact that no team has made the playoffs (at least in the modern day era, maybe forever) after being 13 points out of the last playoff spot.  Under this challenge, which formerly would have crossed the 13 point threshold in February or March, but of late has been more so in the early winter, rather than February or March (it was actually December 1st this year, the LA Kings in 8th place had 30 points & the CBJ had 17 points), the leadership of the team (Mr. Howson and Mr. Priest) will donate their paychecks to the worthy charity of their choice, following the passing of the 13 point deficit.  I would also like to see the athletes donate a portion of their salaries also, but understand that this would make Columbus an even further less than desirable market for talent.  Further, it would be of strong interest for the season ticket holders to be able to allocate some of our payments, post crossing the threshold, to our charity of choice.  These funds should not be reduced from team revenue (as other, more competitive organizations should not foot the bill for the CBJ lack of performance), thus ownership will drive accountability in the leaders that they employ.

I fully realize may be a little far fetched, and likely will not be given serious consideration, and maybe I am just venting, but I cannot stand by, dropping payments for this inadequately led organization.  

Mr. McConnell, it is time that the annual rebuild end.  Let's build a winner, your loyal fans have begun to dwindle, even reverting to organizations calling for a new start (see web page jacketsfans.com - F.A.N.S. =  For A New Start). We are ready; we are die hard, and want more than a slogan of hard core hockey.

Roger A. Schaefer

Account number 480467"

Very powerful and thank you for sharing Roger.

For A New Start (F.A.N.S.)