T-Shirt Info

Join #OperationStinger!  You've likely seen our Stinger Green shirts at the Arena.  Now grab one of your own.

Remember, they may take our signs, but they'll never take...our t-shirts!

You can order them now for $12 through our group. Please email all T-Shirt requests to trueCBJfans@gmail.com and we will work with you to get the shirt in your hands before the next game!

Keep in mind that we're not here to make any money off of the sales of these shirts... Any "profit" goes to defray the costs associated with printing fliers/handbills, buying demonstration permits from the city, advertising materials, etc.

Right now, the old version of the shirt on sale for only $6. It's the same color (picture color is inaccurate), so you will be highly visible in the arena, for less money! For more information, contact our friends at Traxler Tees.  Support a great local business while showing your support for new management.