Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This was brought to our attention from a CBJ fan named Deanna's (pictured above with her mother Evelyn) facebook page:

"Well FANS I had entirely too many comments to add here so if youd like to hear more go to my page, all being said if you dont know me yet I STILL love my Jackets (why?) but I asure you from my side this is all said with love...

YET two interesting comments were made last night and into this morning Id like to share so heres In Case You Missed It:

1st: Flipping to the Flyers - Tampa Bay game intermission Liam McHugh (over on NBC) giving Highlights of CBJ - Wings game said "Hey did anyone let Columbus know they are already officially The Worst in NHL? Or did they miss hearing that?" (I have nothing more to add to this so fill in your own ___)

The 2nd: On NBC again this time on Post Game an interesting convo between Bill Patrick and Jeremy Roenick again describing same game using the words "Clinic, Carnage, Wings Rolled Over the Jackets, No Coverage, Goal Tending is Pathetic" as IF thats not painful enough they then proceeeded to HUMM CIRCUS MUSIC! Where Bill Patrick snickered and says "Oh were not laughing at you.." Followed by Mr. Jeremy Roenick comment of "YES WE ARE!!" (FANS again I insert a ___ for your own thoughts but I was wounded by the game and at again being the laughing stock of the NHL or all pro sports for that matter)"

The continuous mocking of the Blue Jackets such as this is happening every day, every where (including Columbus), in every hockey circle.  This franchise has become the butt end of every professional sports joke and it's unacceptable.

We, as fans, hold this franchise to a much higher standard and it's time ownership did as well.

The mockery must end.

Thanks to Deanna for the post and the picture!  Absolutely LOVE the original shirts!!

For A New Start (F.A.N.S.)