Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Volunteers Wanted

As F.A.N.S. closes in on a milestone in its petition drive to have Mike Priest and Scott Howson removed as the management team of the Columbus Blue Jackets, we are calling on all of you to help us get over the top during the next two games and beyond.

If you are interested in helping to get signatures on the petition, meet up with the members of F.A.N.S. in their Stinger Green shirts at 6 p.m. before the games tonight and Friday.  We will be seeking signatures on the petitions before and after the games and need as many volunteers as possible.

If you'd like a petition to have signed by others in your free time or if you are out-of-town, e-mail us at and we'll send you the petition form.

Games like the last two just are not acceptable at this point in the franchise's history.  Dead last in the NHL isn't acceptable.  And Scott Howson and Mike Priest being maintained despite this pathetic showing is most certainly not acceptable.

We can make a difference, but we need your help!