Sunday, April 8, 2012

Up Close And Personal

Meet Wayne Morroni.  Wayne is a day 1 season ticket/psl holder in the lower bowl Time Warner Lounge area.  Wayne has had enough and will not be renewing after this season.

Meet Frank and Vicky Dengg.  Frank and Vicky are also day 1 season ticket/psl holders.  They sit in the upper bowl first row.  Frank and Vicky have had enough and will not be renewing their season tickets after this season.

Meet Chris Burke.  Chris is a season ticket/psl holder who has had enough and will not be renewing his season tickets after this season.  NOTE: Nationwide Arena "Factory of Sadness" T-shirt.

These two gentlemen may not appear at first glance to be CBJ fans, but they are.  Or should we say "were".

Now look at what these two gentlemen were wearing underneath their Boston Bruins jerseys.

As they explained to us, they have had enough to the point they are moving on to another team entirely.  Their plan after the game against the Islanders concluded, was to remove their CBJ shirts under their jerseys and either A. toss on the ice if they were close enough or B. leave them in their seats.

These are just a sample of real stories shared to us up close and personal in the plaza in front of Nationwide Arena on Saturday from fans that have been here from the beginning.  Folks who have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours supporting this team.  These are fans a franchise cannot afford to lose. These are fans who have finally said enough is enough.  These are fans whom, after 11 seasons, have reached their breaking points.

We would love to share more stories from fans who have also said enough.  Just shoot us an email with your story at and we will make sure your story is heard.

Finally, a special thanks to all the folks who stopped by yesterday (and every game since this advocacy group began) for sharing their stories, signing the petition, displaying/making signs and wearing neon green t-shirts.  This group was created for you, the fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the participation has been nothing short of remarkable.  Also a special thanks to Beau for donating 4 tickets to volunteers for last night's game.

We are in the process of tallying up the petition signatures and will we be sending those to the Columbus Blue Jackets organization ATTN: OWNERSHIP.  We will keep you updated as we continue on our mission to restore and maintain this franchise's honor.

For A New Start (F.A.N.S.)