Monday, April 2, 2012

Columbus Plans To Take Back Team With F.A.N.S.

A nice article here on F.A.N.S. from a blog called

*NOTE--the opinions of Puck Drunk Love are solely their's and, in particular, we view F.A.N.S. as fighting a war for the team, not a war on the team.

"A revolution has begun! The fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets have declared war on the team. And with the team recently agreeing to stay in the city until 2039, now is the perfect time for the fans to defend their ground.
A new advocacy group in the city Columbus was formed in early March to bring a winning hockey club to the city. Simply named "CBJ F.A.N.S.", their goal is to restore and maintain the franchise's honor. CBJ F.A.N.S. (For A New Start), have begun to travel the long road in hopes of not being the butt of every NHL joke."
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For A New Start (F.A.N.S.)