Friday, April 13, 2012

PSL Holders' Letter To Columbus Blue Jackets

*NOTE-- this letter was written by a group of day 1 PSL holders and while we may not agree with everything that is said, F.A.N.S. is an advocacy group for fans to speak their mind and wish to be heard.

This is a letter that was recently sent to the Columbus Blue Jackets management by a group of PSL holders.  We were also made aware of it and given permission to post under the condition we remove the names:

To:        Columbus Blue Jackets
From:    Account #
Date:     4/13/2012
Re:        Cancelation of Season Tickets
This letter is to inform the Columbus Blue Jackets organization that we the members of Account # will NOT be renewing our season tickets.  The reason our group has reached this decisions is that we believe the Blue Jackets organization is an outright embarrassment to the NHL and Columbus. The GM and President must go!!!!!!  Neither of these two individuals have the slightest clue of how to build this organization into a winning franchise.  Since this organization refuses to listen to the fans, repeated calls for dismissal of the obviously incompetent GM and President, we have chosen to stop supporting this failure of an organization.  We have been season ticket holder since day one of this organization but we cannot tolerate this absolute failure of a so called “professional hockey team” any longer.  It is quite obvious that your organization treats the season ticket holders like fourth class citizens and takes for granted that we will continue to renew our tickets year after year.  Why should we do this when we can walk in off the street and for $25 get a ticket, $10 food and beverage voucher, hat, box of Timbits and a coffee. This is a far better deal than what we get for being there from the beginning.  We are tired of spending our hard earned money on a bunch of cry baby millionaires that can't put together 60 minutes of effort to win a hockey game. As a group we have stopped watching the Jackets on TV, and we boycotted most of this year’s games simply because we didn’t want to waste or time and money on a bunch of lazy millionaires who are comfortable losing game after game!  This team sucks so bad we couldn't even sell any of our tickets, and believe me we tried to sell as many as possible. Our group went from being a bunch of diehard fans to now wearing other team’s jerseys. In addition, the prices you charge for beer ($9) is absurd, none of us has bought a beer in the arena for the last 2 years.  We just can't see spending any more money on this pathetic team!  It is doubtful that any of us will go any games in the future, but if we do it will be to watch & support the visiting team, and maybe then we can capitalize on one of those sweet non season ticket holder deals.  Perhaps at the start of next season as your sitting in your empty arena, you will hopefully then realize what a mistake it was to take your fans for granted.  However, I doubt that this organization will give so much as a rat’s ass about this as you have sucked us dry of every dollar you possibly could.  Just a FYI on how Columbus fans feel about how absolutely pathetic you’re organization is, we were unable to sell our PSL via E-Bay or any other means, NOT EVEN FOR HALF PRICE and NOT EVEN FOR ONE THIRD PRICE. So we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to this organization for stealing our $1500.  We would also like to inquire if you provide us with information on how we could start a racket like yours so that we might go about legally stealing $1500 from folks.  In addition, please remove our names from any and all mail listings (both electronic and old fashion snail mail), and or phone listings.

Here is some additional information that you may wish to pass along to other former CBJ fans.
      Uses for CBJ merchandise:

#1) Use CBJ jersey’s to wash dog after being sprayed by skunk as CBJ.

#2) Use CBJ t-shirt to wipe your backside after taking a crap in the woods.

#3) Please do not try and donate CBJ clothing/merchandise to places like Goodwill as they will not accept it.  These organizations only accept clothing in good useable condition that people would actually want to wear. These people may be poor and homeless but they do have some standards.

#4) Use your CBJ hat(s) to throw on the ice after visiting team scores a hat trick.

#5) CBJ flags make a great diaper for your baby.

#6) Autographed pucks make great furniture movers so you don't ruin your floors.

#7) Autographed hockey sticks are a great fire starter for your fireplace or campfire.

#8) Use the money you waste on “CBJ hockey” season tickets and take road trip to see 29 real hockey teams in their home arenas.

#9) Use CBJ trading cards to provide examples to your children how it’s ok to put forth only a 10% effort while being paid millions of dollars and fine it acceptable to settle for consistently losing.

#10) A CBJ scarf is great to hang yourself with, if you decide to stay a fan.

We have no idea if letters such as this even reach the eyes of the decision makers in this organization which is a big reason why this advocacy group exists - to provide a voice/visibility for those frustrated with the direction of this franchise.  Will continue to do so until this franchise's honor is restored and maintained.

We would like to encourage all fans who have sent in letters to email them to  We will post them all in the way were sent to CBJ management.

For A New Start (F.A.N.S.)